One of a kind photo gifts – leather photo pillows

The shift from film to digital cameras has ushered in a new era of instant gratification! Today you can snap a picture and self-publish or email it to an unlimited number of friends in just a minute or two. But too often, these images languish, unseen in a “desktop folder.”

Today, with the advent of digital technology, many remembrance gifts (eg., sympathy gifts, memorial gifts, and all-occasion gifts) can easily involve photographs – either digital photos or old photos that have been scanned – of people and beloved pets who share(d) a life’s journey. If you’re taking a new photograph to create a photo gift, choose a simple and appealing backdrop…with a focus on your subject…watch out for shadows…strive for high contrast with crisp, clear details…and leave yourself enough room to crop to have an interesting outcome.

A revolutionary new technology now makes infusing images, graphics and texts into leather possible. Unlike traditional transfers, this is a permanent process, and images will not fade, scratch off or wear off over time. The technology powering it is the result of over ten years of research and nearly three dozen patents worldwide. And, it speaks to the design industry’s trend toward personalized home decor.

SmArt Leather Designs, a Michigan company, is creating leather portrait pillows using this technology. Leather portrait pillows featuring images of young children, and pet photo pillows are among our most popular!